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  Journal of Information & Optimization Sciences
ISSN: 0252-2667 (Print)
ISSN: 2169-0103 (Online) Full Text available at

A Journal Devoted to Advances in Information Sciences,
Optimization Sciences and Related Aspects

ISSN 0252-2667
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T. T. LIN : An internet banking system establishment with transaction rate uncertainty: a real options approach       1-15 Abstracts Full Text
R. PROCESI AND R. ROTA : Codes and groups      17-20 Abstracts Full Text
T. D. RISHEL AND C. CANEL : Using a maintenance contribution model to predict the impact of maintenance on profitability      21-34 Abstracts Full Text
D. FAVARETTO, E. MORETTI AND P. PELLEGRINI : An ant colony system approach for variants of the traveling salesman problem with time windows      35-54 Abstracts Full Text
S. FURUYAMA AND T. NAKAI : The analysis of the Cournot oligopoly model considering the subjective motive in the strategy selection      55-68 Abstracts Full Text
S. FURUYAMA AND T. NAKAI : Fuzzy subjective game considering non additive feelings of players :          69-80 Abstracts Full Text
A. VLACHOS : Ant colony system solving capacitated location-allocation problems on a line      81-96 Abstracts Full Text
K. V. RAMASWAMY : Optimal lot sizing in manufacturing revisited                               97-105 Abstracts Full Text
T. F. LIANG : Applying interactive fuzzy multi-objective linear programming to transportation planning decisions   107-126 Abstracts Full Text
M. TAMIZ AND R. E. TRELOAR : Issues concerning block trading and transaction costs   127-144 Abstracts Full Text
J. M. HSIAO AND C. C. TSAI : Monitoring and incentives in a supply chain: an agency-theoretic perspective   145-165 Abstracts Full Text
K. H. CHIU : Information flow over process   167-192 Abstracts Full Text
I. M. WANG AND C. J. SHIEH : The relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction: the example of CJCU library   193-209 Abstracts Full Text
T. T. HUANG AND W. T. HUANG : Using signed distance and order statistics method for fuzzy evaluation of service quality   211-223 Abstracts Full Text
J. S. CHEN AND J. S. YANG : Model formulations for the machine scheduling problem with limited waiting time constraints   225-240 Abstracts Full Text
K. P. WEE, H. M. WEE AND W. C. HUANG : Organizational leadership and its relative influences   241-248 Abstracts Full Text
C. H. WANG, M. H. SHU AND I. M. CHAO : Capital investment in setup cost reduction for a lot-size, reorder point model   249-258 Abstracts Full Text
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