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Generalized Convexity, Generalized Monotonicity, OptimalityConditions and Duality in Scaler and Vector Optimization 

1. Abstract convexity of positively homogeneous functions/A. Rubinov and Z. Dzalilov.

2. A survey of methods of abstract convex programming/M. Andramonov.

3. Some applications of convex analysis to cooperative game theory/J.M. Bilbao and J.E. Martinez-Legaz.

4. Fractional programming : a recent survey/S. Schaible.

5. Concepts of generalized concavity based on triangular norms/J. Ramik and M. Vlach.

6. Farkas theorems for positively homogeneous quasiconvex functions/S. Komlosi.

7. The use of subdifferentials for studying generalized convex functions/N. Hadjisavvas.

8. Generalized b-invex vector valued functions/C.R. Bector and R. Cambini.

9. Optimality conditions and duality for programming problems involving set and n-set functions : a
survey/I.M. Stancu-Minasian and V. Preda.

10. Generalized vector equilibrium problems/Q.H. Ansari and J.C. Yao.

11. Parametric preference structures/P. Mazzoleni.

12. Characterizations of pseudomonotone maps and economic equilibrium/L. Brighi and R. John.

13. Characterizations, comparisons, algebraic and topological properties of tangent cones/G. Giorgi and A. Guerraggio.

14. First and second order optimality conditions in vector optimization/A. Cambini and L. Martein.

15. Higher order optimality conditions in nonsmooth vector optimization/I. Ginchev.

16. Normal cone method in solving linear multiobjective problems/N.T.B. Kim and D.T. Luc.

17. Generalized semi-infinite optimization : theory and applications in optimal control and discrete optimization/G.W. Weber.

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