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Discrete Mathematics and Allied Topics


1. On the linear complexity of product sequences of linear recurring sequences/G. Morgari, O. Steila and M. Elia.

2. Key-lock pair mechanism for access control using tribes of farey fractions/H. Chandrashekhar and M. Nagaraj.

3. Some aspects of modified factorial series distributions/K.K. Das and N. Bhattacharjee.

4. Computing the reciprocal of units in galois rings/M. Elia, J.C. Interlando and R. Palazzo.

5. Fuzzy set in product planning decision/B.K. Mangaraj, U. Aparajita and A. Mishra.

6. Fuzzy events and their probability assessments/A. Maturo.

7. Discrete quaternion fourier transform in signal processing systems/H. Chandrashekar and M. Nagaraj.

8. Image processing based techniques for securing documents/R. Ratan and P.K. Saxena.

9. On graphoidal graphs/S. Arumugam and J.S. Suseela.

10. Exact and approximate matching of matrix languages/V. Radhakrishnan, T.C. Venkatesan and K. Krithivasan.

11. Enhancement of highly noisy speech signals/S.K. Pal and P.K. Saxena.

12. The corruption prevention model/A.U. Khan.

13. A decision support system for medical diagnosis/S. Mukhopadhyay.

14. An approximate solution of an unbalanced transportation problem/S. Mukhopadhyay and M.K. Singh.

15. The distribution model the more for less (nothing) paradox and economies of scale and scope : some nonlinear extensions/M.J. Ryan.

16. Translation theorem of conditional Yeh-Wiener integrals/K.S. Chang, S. Kim and I. Yoo.

17. Distributed control for cooperative systems governed by Schrodinger operator/H.M. Serag.

18. Some extremal problems of polynomials/M. Bidkham and K.K. Dewan.

19. Second order optimality conditions/A. Cambini and L. Martein.

20. Orthogonal wavelets/R.C. Mittal.

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