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Algebraic Hyperstructures and Applications


1. On categories of hypergroups and hypermodules/R. Ameri.

2. On Chinese hyperstructures/P. Corsini.

3. A construction of hypergroups from ordered structures and their morphisms/D. Hort.

4. A note on quasi-Steiner hypergroupoids/G. Gentile.

5. Transposition hypergroups and complement hypergroups/A. Iranmanesh and A.H. Babareza.

6. Strong identities and fortification in transposition hypergroups/J. Jantosciak and C.G. Massouros.

7. Commutative hypergroups associated with arbitrary hypergroups/V. Leoreanu.

8. Hv-structures associated with PQ-hyperoperations/A. Madan Shekaf.

9. On the attached hypergroups of the order of an automation/G.G. Massouros.

10. Polynomials over multiplicative hyperrings/R.P. Ciampi and R. Rota.

11. A class of hyperrings/A.R. Barghi.

12. The h/v-structures/T. Vougiouklis.

13. Canonical v-hypergroups and w-hypergroups/R. Migliorato.

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